Benefits of Composites

Composites are highly application specific in the resin/fiber material type selected, formulation ratios and process method selected. This provides high flexibility in enhancing performance when compared to conventional legacy materials used in industry today. (e.g. ferrous/non-ferrous metals, organic materials, ceramics etc). Composite materials and products have a tremendous growth and sustainability future given their use penetrating only 7% of global product markets. Some of the major benefits are identified below;  

  • High strength/stiffness to mass ratios
  • Minimized microflaws/voids
  • Maximum adhesion between fiber/resin
  • Elimination of fiber damage/abrasion
  • Excellent load transfer maximizing fiber strength
  • Good interlaminar shear properties
  • Wide range of FRP product applications
  • Flexibility as an optimally engineered FRP
  • Corrosion and fatigue resistance
  • Next generation for lightweight solutions
  • Compatibility to existing final manufacturing processes
  • Ability to reprocess/reform (thermoplastics
  • Potential in addressing global lifecycle initiatives