Industries We Serve

GLC began product development applications (2007) using DRIFT materials focusing on the underground piping industry.  Existing underground piping system materials (both metal and plastic) exhibited reliability issues during the product life cycle from environmental exposure, chemical attack/corrosion, cyclic fatigue and cracking. Degradation effects lowered the burst pressure limits leading to high cost replacement or repair. Drift tapes were applied as an outer wrap which eliminated the factors leading to failure and extending life of the piping as well as increasing pressure rating limits. The same approach was applied for conduit/piping lines on aircraft/aerospace systems.

In 2013 GLC was commissioned by an automotive Tier I supplier (R.P.Kinsale/GDC) to develop lightweight underbody shields for Ford Motor Company. The product designed and manufactured at GLC was comprised of a high stiffness low mass DRIFT lamination panel which compression molded through the Tier I. Two vehicle platforms were targeted for use of this solution. GLC partnered with a second Tier I automotive supplier (JAC products) and developed lightweight high strength/stiffness products for Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, commercial truck (Lyman/Laydon Industries) and a aftermarket automotive accessory supplier (EXTANG). Lightweight product applications were developed for these automotive groups trunk cargo management systems, truck high stiffness slide out load floors, truck/trailer aeroskirts and light/medium duty truck tonneau covers, Early development in DRIFT reinforcement composite materials were also introduced for injection mold and rollforming manufacturing process feasibility.

In 2014 GLC engaged work with the Department of Defense to assist in military weight reduction solutions for TARDEC and the Navy. This was part of an overall DOD 5 year program to reduce military transports by 10% in weight. GLC assessed combat, tactical and surveillance vehicles for replacement of non ballistic exterior and interior components to demonstrate potential lightweight composite designs. A pilot project was initiated in seat springs resulting in a 76% decrease in weight per military seat (121 lb weight reduction per vehicle). A second application with Navy submarines for replacement of high cost titanium piping was initiated however due to budget constraints was cancelled.

GLC has developed food shipping/storage container products that provide high strength, stiffness and extended product life improvements. The food industry incurs high cost with existing containers that are used only once before disposal. The work conducted with Integrated composite products (ICP) provided a concept container combining DRIFT pellet technology, plasticizing and compression mold manufacturing.

GLC and its partner company (Allied Composites Technologies (ACT)) are in the prototype phase with two commercial construction corporations in developing composite reinforced products for pylon oil and gas offshore support structures, long life, corrosion free, lightweight and formable rebar and reinforcement screens for concrete material reinforcement.

GLC has recently completed Phase I of a NNSA/DOE (National Nuclear Security Administration/Department of Energy) grant award. In conjunction with National Laboratory technical expertise and collaboration with four universities, GLC is developing composite materials and components for microgrid systems and next generation LEO satellites/drones. A phase II proposal has recently been submitted for approval and initiation in October 2016.    

GLC has the expertise, product engineering/manufacturing capability and experience in diverse industries and associated applications for our customers