Performance Validation

Instron Composite Universal Test System (UTS) for product/process performance validation and quality control/assurance

The Universal Test System has provided a significant capability to the engineering services that GLCI can provide in thermoplastic composite materials and product through all stages of product development from base material evaluation to final product validation. As an internal technical resource it has put GLCI in a preferred Tier III supplier position evident in initial GLCI introductions and application development initiatives with various business customers and partnerships established in 2014 (summarized below). The  UTS along with metrology verification provides the following areas of technical engineering support which are now being applied as standard practice in customer programs;

- Complete quantitative physical property testing from basic materials to final products in evaluating fiber/resin properties, continuous fiber tape fiber/resin formulations, multi-ply tape constructions, lamination cores, laminated multi-layer panels and compression molding

- A directional design/development tool in A-B comparative analysis of performance in selection of optimal materials/constructions to be used for specific product applications

- Ability to perform all ASTM composite standardized tests as well as customer specific tests

- Verification of experimental resins and fiber physical properties provided by customers

- Final validation to customers during DVP&R and PPAP as a supplier responsibility/requirement

- Test correlation/verification tool to composite virtual prototype simulation, for closed form, semi-empirical, empirical and parametric predictive models used for upfront design concept evaluation, sensitivity analysis and variational optimization.

Typical products/program requiring performance validation testing

- High strength adhesive shear/peel strength evaluation for top surface bonding of films to GLCI laminated panels (Haartz Corporation)

- Low Cost PET Fiber Resin tape tensile strength (Ecosynthetix partnership)

- GLCI customer presentation product sample physical property technical data sheet information

- SME conference technical paper/presentation in quantitative physical property comparison of using continuous FRP as a lightweight alternative to monolithic material product constructions

- Chrysler 300 & Toyota Camry Lightweight Cargo Management System for flexural stiffness

- Commercial Truck AeroShields for flexural stiffness, strength, compression/recovery, impact

- Ford Underbody Encapsulation/Aeroshields for Ford in flex modulus and strength

- Owens corning/PPGthermoplastic tape evaluations for elongation and tensile strength

- Military DOD/Tardec Lightweight seat spring design for high bending stiffness, buckling

- Lightweight ladder rail development with high stiffness and low deflection (Jershon Inc.)

- Unidirectional tape evaluations for RV floors/panels as proposed supplier (TekModo)

- Tonneau Truck Covers for Toyota for impact, compression/recovery, stiffness (EXTANG corp)

- Compression mold stiffness, strength and impact (ICP)

- Dodge Viper powertrain skid plates