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Great Lakes Composites is dedicated in providing our customers prompt quality services  in composite material/product innovation, development and manufacturing. Our services include virtual design, analysis, optimiization, virtual manufacturing process and prototyping as well as a proven production Tier III and Tier II supplier of materials and products. We also  have comprehensive development and validation composite testing services per ASTM which can be modified for customer application specific testing/validation requirements. The importance of clear communication, customer needs, rapid response and what we deliver in high value products are the core of successful initiation on R&D, product development and manufacturing supplier services at the highest level of customer satisfication. We pride ourselves in premium total engineering and manufacturing capability to our technical and commercial clients.  You can contact us via phone, email, visit our facility or provide detailed questions per our technical inquiry form with 24 hr response per the following contact information;

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Dr. Christopher Griffen
(906) 630-2403

Tim Spencer
(906) 203-0743

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Great Lakes Composite Institute 2736 W. M-28 Dafter, Michigan 49724

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