Array of Products Manufactured

GLC has demonstrated many product applications within the transportation, construction and consumer industries. Although each application demanded different requirements/specifications common performance attributes existed. In almost every application lighweighting, cost equivalency/reduction, enhanced functional features, improved reliability/product life, simplicity in fastening/assembly, premium quality and compatibility to existing manufacturing processes were high priority in the solutions delivered. Below is a product summary during the last 3 yrs utilizing DRIFT Technology; 

  • Trunk Cargo Management Systems
  • Commercial Truck/Trailer Skirts                                        
  • Underbody Encapsulation/Aeroshields
  • Roll forming of DRIFT 0/90 tapes as a light weight extrusion and trim application
  • Use of DRIFT Tape and pellet technology for injection molding components
  • Military/Department of Defense Lightweight Seat Springs
  • Tonneau Covers for Truck Cargo Boxes
  • Light/medium duty pull out load floors
  • Truck removable stowage tailgate bins
  • Concrete support pylon environmental sheathing
  • Multiple OE SUV Tailgate foldout table
  • Multiple OE applications in vehicle running boards for stiffness and low weight
  • Powertrain underbody plates
  • Lightweight trunk laminate load floor
  • Lightweight ladder rails
  • Compression molded lightweight food storage containers